Monday, 7 May 2018


We are going to be moving to Seesaw as of Monday 7th May. Your child will come home with information about this and give you access. Our new blog address is!/

Friday, 4 May 2018

Loose parts Thursday 3 May 2018

Today we introduced some new loose parts for the children to explore. We put outside some long cardboard tubes of varying diameter, plastic boards, a large wooden reel, and some small plastic reels along with the cars and plastic animals. The children were immediately in engaged in collaborating, sharing, problem solving, and using their imagination to explore what they could do with the parts.



Fun Friday

Loose Parts Play

It is great to see the students building on their loose parts play from yesterday and exploring new things, the conversations that they are very rich and it is amazing to see the way that they are collaborating and working in teams...

Meanies By Joy Cowley

This week our shared book was Meanies by Joy Cowley. It is such a fun story to read and the students really enjoyed using their imagination to discuss the ideas they had about the characters. Today we are making our own Meanies! 

A visitor for the weekend...

In Pod 6 we have got some special friends who are going to be visiting students homes throughout the rest of the year. Each special friend has items unique to him or her that they will be bringing with them. They also have a journal so that families can record their special visit to be shared with the rest of the class. These friends are Kuwi Kiwi, Edward Bear, and Paddington Bear. Each Friday they will choose a student to go home with and will come back to school on Monday. We hope you enjoy having our friends to visit.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Autumn Leaves Stamping Art

Today we used leaves as stamps to make beautiful pictures of the autumn colours...